„Tufan” (storm, cyclone) is a newly developed concept for a Dyson service robot.

It combines the duties of floor-cleaning, home surveillance and tele-presence. The robot can be integrated in your home’s energy management and it is able to operate the power system, like a remote control. Only existing and mature technologies are used and combined in this innovation.

My goal was to create a robot, which, in spite of its robotlike form language, can trigger emotions, but is also seen as a tool to fulfill one’s needs.

The form language of Dyson products stand out with their strong constitution, which is supposed to air superiority. Their conspicuous coloring should also withdraw attention from similar competing products. With these features, Dyson
creates its distinctive appearance.

Powerful and energetic shapes, which rather remind you of sports cars, should signalize the technique and superiority of this extraordinary product. At the same time, semantic allusion of birds (swan, king penguin) are supposed to create a friendly and lovely appearance.
“Tufan”, though, does have an attitude. He distinguishes the cleanness behavior and sighs when he has to clean too often.

“Tufan’s” head doesn’t just display basic, personal information, but also mirrors emotions and mimic of the robot. During tele-presence sessions, it can be used as transmittance

With its special tele-presence function, you have the possibility to steer the robot with the mobile-phone and the internet. This way you can keep an eye on the house from afar.