Space Luggage

1: Einleitung

In 2001, tourism entered a new era when Dennis Tito became the first space tourist.
A jouney into space requires a small luggage designed for weightlessness and the narrowness of the space station.
The first space hotel is slated to open in a few years.

The different modules of the space luggage are allocated in the space station and include room for clothing, books and other objects.


2: Weiterführende Erläuterung

Every module includes three drawers which opens to the outside. On the inner surface of the drawers is place for small objects (like pens, camera, etc.) to pack into bags and to adhere on the surface with nanopads.
Inside there is place for clothes, books and other bigger objects. Flexible and transparent plastic sheets beware of floating away.
To mount the modules inside the space station, the surfaces are coated with gecko adhesive.