Sound of Food

Eating is significant to people not only in regard to a vital bodily sustentation. It also represents a form of cultural expression which encompasses the philosophical & artistic aspects from where it originated. Within each culture, the ritual of eating has always been a sensual experience. Via this cellwhisperer, that experience will be extended in new dimensions. To encounter new food worlds & not only to see, smell & taste meals, but also to hear them.
In order to make this additional experience possible, the Cellwhisperer utilises sonocytologics & spintronic technology, while being controlled like conventional cutlery. The sensor is activated auto-matically when the device begins to move & will analyse & process the vibrations produced by the individual cells as it is moved or placed over the food. The soundwaves are then made accessable to the guest through headphones or optional an external device (iPod,etc.). The resulting melodies then integrate into a pleasure of eating & create new possibilities of perception for a meal.