SolAir concept car

Since combustion engines are no longer considered friendly to our environment, other solutions must be found and incorporated into automotive design.
For this concept we focused on renewable energy sources and the self sufficiency of the vehicle. If a car runs clean, maybe it wouldn’t even need a gas station to refill itself?
Given the increasing efficiency of solar cells, electric motors and compressed air engines, we decided to combine these technologies into a totally eco friendly hybrid car. Also, The growing desert and arid surfaces of our planet have a high exposure to sun yet little infrastructure. Therefore, the idea of a hybrid four wheel drive vehicle made sense: the exploration and travel through the desert can be made easier.

The challenge was to stay close to the size and power of the Hummer h1, without giving its feeling of a polluting vehicle and military connotation. The curves of the vehicle have similarities with that of an agile entity (like a rabbit or grasshopper) to translate its efficient mobility on uneven terrain. Its large wings provide extra protection from rocky surfaces.
In order to keep a civilian and utilitarian aspect , we gave it a pick-up rear. The solar cell panels can slide along the side rails, protecting the goods from heat.
The suction vent on the roof provides a descent airflow for the compressed air engine. Up to seven people can be seated. The cargo area is generous enough to transport many heavy goods.