The Samovar
Samma is a Russian tea machine (Samovar), which brews black tea by means of water vapor, giving it a unique flavor.  The samovar is used throughout Russia, Persia, Central Asia and Turkey.  Samovar tea is made for several people at a time, and the Russian expression, “to have a seat by Samovar,” reinforces the important connection between tea drinking and conversation.  Traditional samovars do not fit in with modern cuisine, and have therefore, to a large extent, been forgotten.  In addition, the use of this type of machine in other countries and cultures is not common.

The Samma concept has maintained the use of water vapor and its semi-automatic function.  The goal was keep the tea culture and flavor alive through the combination of modernity, tradition and culture, and to allow other cultures to have this experience.  Tradition should not be lost, despite the new improvements.