Remote control 30-45

Universal remote control, target age group 30-45. Have your home entertainment, security and energy consumption at the tip of your fingertips. A remote control that combines simplicity, style and joy in form and function as well as in personalization of the interactive touch screen that remembers and displays the most used buttons.

Using precedents akin to the target age group, the language of the remote control becomes intuitive; for example “steering” the jog wheel for volume and menu control; the universal “OK” hand-language is reflected in the central hole within the jog, to choose the “OK” function don’t press a button but the air in between and its done! The three main menus on the top left half have each 3 submenus that are visible only when the specific main menu is chosen. A visual feedback on a separate screen supports our user interface. Listen to music, watch TV, control the temperature indoors and check the doors, or program your house to be burgler proof and… go traveling!