Pocket Hasselblad

Pocket Hasselblad is a concept how it is possible to rethink the Hasselblad philosophy today, and put in new interpretations. My interpenetration was to follow the Hasselblad philosophy according to my understanding.
That means: find the solution the most simplest way, and as small as possible.
In my case I went on the way to make it the most simplest.
I have taken a cube form because this is what remember us about the famous Hasselblad. The size I have defined in 6x6x6 cm. To get closer to minimal solution, I decided to concern to the technically most important things, this is the lens and the film sheet. Every thing around them could be changed. In the design phase I started to “peel” the cube around the filmsheet (ccd ) to get my new solution. This is how I got my new camera design and how I turned the famous cube to a new camera. This transformation shows us how freely wee can interpret our design idea today.