Office Bus

Due to increase in motorisation and suburban flight of the middle-class, commuting became an acceptable means of labour organisation. However, there are many unsolved problems, concerning environmental protection and transportation that occur together with commuting.
Precise numbers about the situation in vienna can examplify the drawbacks of commuting:
There are about 260.000 commuters in greater vienna each workday with an average journey time of 48 minutes. About 56% of these commuters exclusivly make use of passenger cars. This means a sizeable environmental pollution as well as negative effects on traffic and loss of time, since the time spent in a car is mostly non-productive.
All previous efforts to delimitate the number of commuters, such as teleworking were to no avail, it’s constantly rising in most european cities.

To solve the problems of pollution and loss of time as well as increase of traffic volume is our challenge. We accomplish this by providing a means of transportation, which allows the commut- ers to pool up on the one hand and benifit from the use of journey time.
For these purposes, we developed a transportation system, which provides the possibility of trans- portation due to the employees individual needs as well as room for office work, hence combining the advantages of public transport with the flex- ibility of a personal transport system. To achieve that, we researched both into technology as well as security-aspects of modern transporta- tion systems and the process of todays clerical work and deduced the following requirements:
Road-based transportation system
Provide the possibility of solo and group work as well as conference-work Provide a convenient level of privacy Provide all means of security handicapped accessible comfortable interior.