NOLI can prevent abuse. The sticker can be attached to clothing, and when a child feels threatened or is in danger, they can sound the alarm by pressing on the sticker twice. An activated RFID chip sends out an emergency signal over the GSM network, allowing police or public authorities to find the child’s position using triangulation. Furthermore, a loud, aggravating sound is produced, possibly deterring the offender. The RFID chip also sends out an identification, which establishes direct contact with a child or relatives. Among other things, this would serve to minimize false alarms.

NOLI is composed of a flexible RFID chip in an elastic case, and would be very difficult to break. If the device is forcibly removed from clothing the alarm will sound. NOLI can prevent abuse, increase a feeling of security, and deter potential offenders. It is also a symbol for respectful contact with the youngest members of our community.