Naked Piano

How many people can afford a piano? Which instrument delivers you a beautiful sound the moment you touch it? The piano has a marvels image. There are just a couple of side-effects you get after buying an expensive instrument like that:
You’ll surely never move again.
You’ll suddenly see you relationship with you neighbors in jeopardy.
And you might have to saw your bed in half to afford the space in your small apartment.

The naked piano therefore was an experimental project for boesendorfer where we thought of the disadvantages that lie with one of the most beautiful instrument. The Public Piano Box was developed, where the naked piano would be placed in to carry the sound over the walls to turn the Public Piano Box into an oversized classical analogue speaker. It allows people in unfortunate living situations to play the instrument with the vastest selection of notes from the digital library, interact with other Boxes by playing four handed or learn to play it with the help of a digital teacher.