Mountain Safety

Gams Mountain Safety

In the year of 2008, nearly 900 accidents occurred in alpine hiking in Switzerland, almost 170 people died. Out of these dramatic statistics we thought about a solution for a pre safety mountaineer system. By searching the market of mountain safety equipment we found out that there is no real solution.

The Gams Mountain Safety System consists of three modules:

1. On the user side you have hiking boots and sports glasses.
The hiking boots store sensors, which measures your body condition.
Sports glasses projects the user interface and information.

2. The system provides GPS navigation and a cell phone connection for transmitting information between the user and the mountain rescue center.

3. The rescue center collects and provides information and coordinates the eventual rescue operation.

In the worst case of an accident, the information will be transmitted to the rescue center immediately. For additional help and first aid, Hikers near your position will be informed.
For medical attendance all information will be send to the rescue team.