While developing this concept we focused on frequent travelers.
Although many hardcase trolleys and rolling suitcases have been made, we quickly faced several remaining challenges:
_packing and unpacking can be an unpleasant chore.
_once unpacked, luggage has no use indoors.
_retrieving specific objects without getting all the content mixed up can be quite difficult.

Therefore we decided to combine the mobility of wheeled suitcases and the efficiency of furniture.
The “Mobile” (italian for furniture) is our unique carbon fiber and aluminium trolley that turns into a personalised piece of furniture, by pulling it upwards!
Place your own content in personnal order within the compressing shelves for secure transport.
These shelves can also be placed at any desired interval or completely removed.
The top compartments are drawers for either bathroom equipment or smaller objects.
Regarding arising dirty laundry on every journey, we found a professional solution: an elastic bag can be pulled out of the bottom compartment to fit as a laundry basket!