Intelligent Traffic Signs

Control lines, which lead us through the tra­ffic are projected on the windscreen and they appear like a part of the street. The system is user friendly. Green line means “DRIVE”, red line means “STOP”. The yellow line in the middle is our navigation system.
Our aim is to repair the chaos that rules the roads, make traffi­c -flow -fluent, organize traffic management and clean the streets by physically removing the tra­ffic signs.

Instead, we created Head Up Display(HUD), which is controlled by satelite and projected on our windscreen. While the streets are free of signs, traffi­c lights are reduced and there is Dynamic Traffi­c Light system dedicated for pedestrians. It is -flexible – it adjusts to the actual traffic situation – by low traffic, light stays green.

There are more than 600 different tra­ffic signs each one costs more than 300 € at least one third of them is unnecessary and it costs more to remove them than to keep there many statitstics show that people don’t understand them clearly.