Integrative chair

The main idea of this project is to decrease the distance between healthy and handicapped people, which still seems to be a big problem in present society. This chair is thought to be an integrative chair in a kindergarten for children from the ages three to six and should help them to feel more comfortable within the group without losing the factor of health and therapy.

Furthermore it should not only be a reason of design that sets our product apart from the others.
It should also be functionally superior. We implemented a lot of features which help the supervisors to easily handle every aspect of the seat. But our primal concern is the well feeling of the child using the chair.

– size and sitting position can be fit optimal to the body characteristics of the child
– the textile is made of artificial leather which is easy to remove and to clean
– height and angles can also be adjusted, depending on the purpose (eating, playing,…)
– every grave change in height and angle can only be made by matures (child locks)
– the chair is mobile and easily storable
– the sitting is ergonomic and helps to correct wrong posture
– the fixing (in case of spasms) is not narrowing and obvious, but effective
– the outer surface of the chair can be painted with chalks without leaving traces after cleaning
– the sitting itself should give the child a positive feeling of flyingĘ or riding a horse
-the cantilever system will absorb the movements of the children and calms them down