Infinite Book

What is the infinite-book and where does it come from?

The infinite-book is transforming paper into digital media combining qualities of paper and current technologies. The basic idea is to think about the interaction with media and to use strategies people are familiar with (reading, folding, ripping pages etc. We are consuming a mix of books, daily news, online-newspapers, weblogs, forums refreshed every minute. The product is the missing link between those digital and analogues worlds.

How does it work?

Through the infinite book it is possible to scroll through a digital book or media by flipping pages, like a normal book. This makes it possible to read a digital book with analogue navigation. Of course this is assisted by buttons because sometimes there is a need for them. Also the interface can be controlled per touchscreen, so if you read a link click on it and read more about that online.


The design is a translation from the clip to a living hinge between the two parts of the infinite book. The clipped information is always something very interesting for the user, that’s why the clip is used as a draft. The basic idea of the design: combining the clip and the “infinite folding”.