Heidi PC

“Education´s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
(Malcom S. Forbes)

The Heidi-PC is a learning device for students between 6 and 15 years living in the cultural environment of the alps.
Education deficits caused by geografical and meteorological limitations should be avoided by the Heidi-PC, building the link between student and school through location-independent (webbased) usage.
If a student is not able to attend school (e.g. to much snowfall), the Heidi-PC automatically starts a videoconference with the particular class.
Of course it can also be used in school directly or at home in leisure time.

The prismatic character of the mobile learning device reflects the cristalline design language of the alps.
Three continuously adjustable hinges guarantee the perfect ergonomic adjustment for every individual demand.
The touchpad can be used as a normal touchable working surface (with an interactive pen), but it also can be switched to a keyboard-mode, which is especially necessary for older students.

Mountain picture: Copyright Chris Walch