Guardian Angel


Carry your GUARDIAN ANGEL with you, its a security and communication device.
Whenever you feel unsafe in a certain situation, launch your GUARDIAN ANGEL
and its camera takes an helicopter view of you and your environment.
Within seconds the GUARDIAN ANGEL gives immediate situational awareness via Video-Live-Stream to a security company, the police or ambulance.

The GUARDIAN ANGEL transmits information (picture, sound and position-cooridinates) which normally has to be gathered from the person calling in case of an emergency.

Apart from fighting crime (personal threat/witnessing a crime), the GUARDIAN ANGEL can also help people with medical problems or old people. A doctor can give first-aid instructions or can simply try to calm the patient down. An old person who fell down while being home alone, can, with the help of the GUARDIAN ANGEL always contact the outside world.
From anonymous/passive omni-surveillance to personal/interactive security in an emergency.