Easy On Ice

The fantastic thing to share the emotion of a beautiful winter scenery on a frozen lake with all your family and friends is now ”Easy on Ice”. The “Easy on Ice” skating tool is focused on rookies and families who want to have fun on ice without being experienced. It is a safety tool for skating and sliding on ice and works as an attachment for your accustomed shoes helping you with your first steps on ice.

Our challenge was to design a tool which brings stability, grip and balance as well as remaining a simple tool:
THE SOLE is a laminate of rubber and ebonite in combination with two blades. While skating the convex shape allows a smooth crossover between the three functional areas:
STABILITY Two blades (instead of one) enable a good stability while skating on ice and prevent to twist one´s ankle due to their low height and the possibility to unroll to the side areas.

GRIP The rail-structured side areas on both sides of the blades support a directional sliding to stay on course without loosing grip.

BALANCE The brake pads in the back avoid danger of falling. If you loose balance you smoothly come to stand on the non-slip area in the back which prevents you from slipping. The “Easy on Ice” tool is not ment to substitute a professional skate but is deliberately a playful tool for recreational activities.