Diabetes Gadget

Diabetes is on the global civilization disease, the number of diabetes patients increased significantly in recent years and will continue to rise dramatically.
Diabetics are very limited in their daily lives, this life is determined by permanent stinging but there are enough new non-invasive technologies in this field.
The diabetes gadget should be a useful non-invasive alternative to conventional devices offer and increase diabetics quality of life significantly.

The diabetes gadget is through the latest technology, such as Nahinfrarottechnologie used for bloodsugarscan and the insulin powder to inhale insulin, a non-invasive diagnosis – and treatment device for diabetics.
The device is small, compact and very user friendly because the gadget guides the user via user interface through the hole procedure.
The mouthpiece and the powder capsule have to be exchanged approximately every 6 weeks because after this period the powder has been exhausted and also to ensure an optimum of hygiene.
The gadget is loaded via the induction.