Composter VIRIDIS

Viridis is a composter for larger cities where you normally don‘t have a garden to utilize your bio rubbish. In conclusion a lot of heat energy which develops during the decaying process and the valuable humus gets lost.
Viridis is a concept to catch these side products of the decomposition and use it to econominize your household.


During the decaying process of the bio rubbish the termperature in the composter rises up to 70°. Viridis uses that energy by a heat exchanger which is a water pipe. Cold water is sent in and warm water comes out. So Viridis is connected to your default water circle and adds constantly warm water which helps you saving energy and lowering your expenses.

The big spiral inside the composter is responsible for transporting the more advanced decayed compost down. At the end of its journey the compost reaches the bottom and is already humus which can be extracted by a drawer.

The humus is full of precious nutrients and can be used making your plants thrive.
The whole process takes about 3-4 weeks and does due to active carbon filters and proper ventilation not smell!

Viridis makes waste to energy and is the future of composting!