Cockpit 16-21

Automotive Cockpit, target group 16 – 21 – punishment through music?

Youth culture, games and music are one, and base of the project. To force secure driving the whole music interface is integrated into the headupdisplay and the display in the steering-wheel. A skype like function is integrated and guides you to your friends if you want, there is also a hidden mode available so you decide if you are online or not. The cockpit gives you tips while driving the car, it forces secure driving through music and its driving assistant. To be aware of your driving-style is the aim and not to learn through prosecution.

Little mistake -> music starts to loop
Middle mistake -> david hasselhoff starts singing
Hard mistake -> “hüttenschlager” instead of your own playlist

Ergonomics are based on game logic and controllers. The target group is very skilled in shortcuts and small movement with it´s fingers so we tried to integrate this in our design. Move the finger upwards while clicking the tiptronic on the backside of the wheel changes the gear upwards and the other way around. On the bottom of the wheel is a +/- ro accept or refuse a call. Also you can steer the cockpit through gestures, changing the track of the music library perhaps can be any gesture you like.