Bionic transporter

Bionic transporter is a new solution for better understanding in the traffic-behaviour, using the mimicry of living beings.

Bionic transporter is a new expression for the  transportation facilities. In the biology for millions of years the system of traffic works better then ours.Why? Beside lot of effects they play rules in their system we picked up one which could be the most  important.Communication! The communication between the participants is one of the most important happening in the traffic.
Our vehicle based on basic movements of an running living being, that express it’s speed with its body positions. The shape changing is constantly according to the speed changes.
The work flow starts with the standing position.
1. Standing position or slow speed.
2. Traveller position  or middle speed.
3. Race position or top speed.
The positions have a really good visible communication between the participants, through the visibility like a shot I can realise the happening in the traffic, and it is possible to avoid a lot of accidental situations. There is also a wing on the vehicle which according to the brake strength turns up. At the emergency brake it turns at the height position and suddenly appeals a big surface for the other participants in the traffic, that is not only a light but also a movement effect that could help a lot in the traffic system. An other additional and logical side effect is when it stands express not only the stand by mode, but take the smallest place for parking.