AquaIris is a portable water purifier for regions found near and within the tropics, as they by tendency suffer under the effects or natural-, man-made-, and humanitarian catastrophes, all of which hinder the building and sustaining of the infrastructure necessary for easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

AquaIris combines the three steps to safe drinking water – collection, filtration, neutralisation of pathogens – together into a portable tool, which aims at empowering people by letting them drink independent of energy sources or infrastructure. After the water is collected, it is fed through a removable filter, which is handily attached onto a Lanyard that has instruction symbols printed onto it. The filtered water is gravitationally pulled under a layer of converter crystals that modulate the Sun’s rays to a UVC frequency, which with its high germicidal qualities directly hit every water molecule passing under them.

The result is safe, clean fresh drinking water packed into an intelligently low-tech tool.