Allergy Sensor

The allergy sensor is a mobile device that helps allergic persons to avoid the contact with harmful particles while their everyday life. The used technology, based on a High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Sensor (HF-QCM), is able to test the ambient air or food for allergens.

Allergies are a highly underestimated disease, which increasingly appears in industrial nations. The reasons for the immune response on usually harmless substances are manifold. But the soaring enviromental pollution and our modified lifestyle is definitely playing a big role in the emergence of allergies. Experts say, that one of the most effective ways to therapy allergies, is to avoid the contact with the particular triggers. And that´s basically, what the allergy sensor does. It analyzes the air and the food for allergens, and warns the user, if there are any dangerous particles in it. In case of emergency, the sensor can also alarm rescue. So it´s the perfect companion for every allergic person.