There are many new approaches of mass transportation but still the train traffic will be a big element in the future. More and more concepts come and bring new problems along. The need for help to transport your luggage and getting from A to B will become bigger.

The ÖBB – GRUEN 3ROLL brings a new solution for transport at train stations to provide a guided and safe trip at the station to your train.

The 3ROLL works with the Stepper System, to increase body movement and physical health.
Located at the entry and at platforms, you have to scan your ticket into the cart.
The integrated display with GPS navigation automatically shows you the way to your platform and provides you with updated information about your trip and the infrastructure at your location.
Your luggage will be stored on a hight adjustable load platform to make it easier carrying it on and off the train.

Main features of the 3ROLL:

– stepper system
– collapsed storage
– unique articulated steering for great maneuver at platforms
– hight adjustable load platform
– integrated display with train station GPS navigation

The ÖBB – GRUEN 3ROLL, the future is now!