creativeDNAaustria – Mission Statement

The holistic challenge for Design is to create physical and virtual objects which are useful art, and inspire spiritual values by as few atoms and bits as possible.


Design is our modern-day continuation of “technical” functionality converted into human-historic and metaphysical symbolism. When designers create a new and better object, a mechanism, a software application or a more inspiring, human-centric experience, this will become a ‘branding symbol’ in itself by meaningful innovation, good quality and ethical behaviors. People will recognize the resulting visual symbols as a cultural expression of humanized technology and subconsciously connect it with historically learned visual shapes and patterns that connect. Design cannot be just a fashionable statement, but must advance our industrial culture by providing sustainable innovation, cultural identity and consistency so it can create emotional and social belonging.
Designers have a humanistic responsibility that connects and coordinates human needs and dreams with new opportunities and inspirations in science, technology and business in order to make the results and their usage culturally relevant, economically productive, politically beneficial and ecologically sustainable.

The accelerated globalization is posing both huge challenges and offering new opportunities which require designers that are both talented and competent to influence and define new trends in regards to mastering outsourcing to “lower cost” economies and reversing the current excesses of overproducing generic and hard-to-use products. Designers also need to invent new concepts for “homes sourcing” by converting local and tribal cultures into beneficial concepts.

To succeed as competent and respected “executive partners” in the rational world of business, designers must become creative entrepreneurs or creative executives themselves. However, ultimately, design must rise above all commercial-functional benchmarks and aspire to near-eternal cultural relevance and spirituality.


Prof. Hartmut Esslinger, Head of Industrial Design 2
Prof. Hartmut Esslinger, Head of Industrial Design 2

Staff: Martina Fineder, Nikolas Heep, Matthias Pfeffer, Stefan Zinell