Of Curves, Shields and Emotions

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We were given a remarkable insight into the world of Audi, its philosophy and design as well as its expectation of the future. We learned about basic guidelines of how transportation design works, aboutthe emotional value of curves and lines, geometric forms, aesthetic details and colors.
Wolfgang Egger and Klemens Rossnagel gave us an idea of how to create new trends and products within an established brand character.
What makes Audi Design so successful? Defining characteristic shapes with only 3 main curves and creating an emotional-aerodynamic impressionof absolute perfection in technology, material and form.



The poetry of motion and dynamic is a design element that makes Audi cars to overwhelmingly attractive machines, reaching step by step new potential customer groups by examining trends and creating new strategies.

Audi with its story of great entrepreneurship and strong design languagehas to create a consequent, rather surprisingly beautiful system to introduce style and features fitting the customers´ needs. Every design element has its story, a red line drawn for connecting familiarity with the brand and fresh innovative ideas. Like the shape of the grill that is compared with a shield, that is always transforming to get a new lookbut never too much to destroy the association.

But as the economic and ecological situation on earth also reaches the automotive industry, affinity to design and style cannot only be the solution for a sustainable business strategy.


It´s also important to them to create innovation in material and sustainability.

Like Wolfgang Egger says in his lecture: “The most important commodity of the future will be the successful implementation of technology withincreative force as well as creative exchange to improve communication between creative industries.”