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“Green” is more than a colour. And it´s more than zero emission, renewable resources and sustainable energy management.

A “green” product serves not only environmental needs but makes the cylce of consumption, product life and user experience a meaningful system. Its development starts with rethinking human manners and humans´ interference with life on our planet. It tries to manage with problems arising in terms of ecosystem as well as problems within our society. 

We dedicated ourselves to a “social” semester and tried to focus on this aspect of a “green” way of product development.

Sometimes the solution of complex problems start in small-scale examples. Whether it´s a chair for the integration of handicapped kids or a tool for small structured agriculture: Big social issues often need just a small stumbling block: such as creative concepts that simulate developments and solutions possible to think of in the near future.

Besides, three teams of this semester worked particularly on the design language of our brand “Gruen”. Objective was to maintain a consistent company aesthetic and visual brand identity.

Seven concepts of last semester were taken as examples to redesign and implement into a “Gruen” product range.

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