Out of the Laboratory

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“Accade in laboratorio” Ideas, concepts and projects evolving from the merge of technology and design. Products of the future do not only have to satisfy aesthetic and haptic demands but combine physical aspects with the chance of human interaction. Latest technology opens up new ways for creating innovative products that optimize use as well as economic and ecological value.

elledecor_dguitar.jpgTony Weichselbraun ´s idea for his diploma was a digital guitar, merging the feeling of classical music and haptic sensation with new electronic standards and modern music style.

The DiGuitar is the combination of analog playability with the methods of electronic music. It replaces strings, pickups and frets with digital inputs and models a MIDI-Signal adaptable to sound like any given guitar and amp setup. A touchsensitive neck analyses finger positions,
liquid micro-channels bulge the surface to create variable fret positioning while piezo-electric actuators emulate frequencies of vibration corresponding to the played note. The brain recognizes these frequencies at the fingertips as the true sensation of physical strings.


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