Team of ID2 wins Austrian National Design Award

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It´s the third prize now for Alexander Wurnig , Erol Kursani , Shirin Fani and Kristina Chudikova for their project Intelligent Traffic Signs of summer semester 2008.

traffic_sign_4_1.jpgThe jury´s voice: “The team of the concept Intelligent Traffic Signs succeeded in developing a flexible traffic system, reacting to current situations in traffic. The minimization of traffic signs is a creative and innovative point, gaining them the prize of the jury.”




With over 600 different traffic signs, each of them costing more than 300 euros, traffic life is flooded by lots of unnecessary signs which most people don´t even really understand.
Via Head Up Display, which is controlled by satelite and projected on the windscreen, Dynamic Traffic Light System adjusts pedestrians and drivers to the actual traffic situation and reduces its commands to “drive” or “don´t drive”.

The team´s aim was to make traffic-flow fluent, organize traffic management and clean the roads physically and mentally for the user.


Have a look at the project in our showroom !