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Regarding the critical situation of consumption the focus of this semester was to improve products, services and experiences in their complex interaction within society.
Aim was to create particulary social and “green” concepts, dealing with problems which occur in term of respect of humans and nature.

Re-thinking means of public transport and infrastructural systems at train stations set one task within the theme, challenging to involve an already existing brand and certain real life processes:

ant_2.jpg 3roll_1.jpg








Ant- Assisted Navigarion Transport / Electric 3Roll / mechanic

Other works were- as the problem of ecologically and socially worthwile consumption itself- topically widespread, reaching from democratic design, which serves the targeted end consumers´ needs in an active way, up to the improvement of hardware to break the often far too short product life cycle.

crowdsourcing_4.jpg mobilebroser_2.jpg








Crowdsourcing Mobile browser

We consider “green design” as a multifunctional concept, in which ecology and society end up in a “win-win” situation, meaning positive effects for people as well as meaningful new ways of establishing a product.

Therefore it was important to work on social themes too, like medical diagnosis, motion-supporting wearables or orientation for the visually impaired and the blind. Our “green” range of products should provide the thoughtful user with a system of tools, giving him the ability to live a healthier lifestyle in harmony with the environmental mind, providing with the freedom of neither be constricted by it nor losing quality in life.

For instance the vision of unproblematically growing your own vegetable at home, of course organic and free from the burden of having prouced tons of carbon dioxide for a transport from a foreign country. Or the possibility to compost the waste of your food later on easily with the plus to save energy in you household, because it reproduces it.

We found a reason for focusing the green aspect in fast food as well as education for children environmentally cut off from schools.

portableordonnance_1.jpg flexussuit_3.jpg








mobile doctors fluxus suit










heidi pc navigation for the blind












The successful diploma and first diploma candidates also worked in the system of a green company, following rules of Open Source and branding.



These potential future products have to avoid over-production and waste with a sense of individualisation but possibility of steady upgrading.

Like in a real-life company, the design studio of ID2 became our workplace. We concentrated our creativity within our “Green” corporate identity and design language, which we continously improve. Close collaboration between the project teams following the “Open Source” principle led to a vivid design process and cross-fertilization from research to concepts.

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